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Fonterra’s new capital structure gets closer

Fonterra’s new capital structure brings its own risks, designed for choppy seas but not for a storm The Government has been wrestling for many months as to how to respond to Fonterra’s proposed new capital structure, which its farmer-members voted … Continue reading

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Fonterra moves on strategy and stucture

Fonterra pulls up the wagons to defend its territory, but is also hoping to sortie out with new nutritional endeavours Fonterra’s release of its 2020/21 annual report has occurred in association with an additional big dump of information laying out … Continue reading

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Fonterra’s restructure proposal risks the co-operative

Fonterra’s decision on 6 May to present an alternative capital structure has opened a can of worms.  The shares have dropped around 15 percent and investor units are down 13 percent. There are no immediate cash implications, but Fonterra’s capital … Continue reading

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Fonterra heads towards a new capital structure with scope for unintended consequences

Fonterra’s latest proposals to change its capital structure will be far reaching. If implemented, they will essentially undo the misleadingly named ‘Trading Among Farmers’ (TAF) system set up in 2012. I say ‘misleading’ because in reality that was a scheme … Continue reading

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It’s time for Fonterra to define the new path ahead

Fonterra has spent nearly three years stabilising its finances. The focus now has to be on finding the path ahead It is now approaching three years since Theo Spierings’ departure from Fonterra was announced. The focus ever since has been … Continue reading

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Fonterra stabilises finances with back to basics model, selling assets and retaining profits

Fonterra has stabilised its finances with more asset sales forthcoming. It now operates a conservative model supported by its farmer members. But the model will not create the ‘national champion’ that the Labour Government has always hoped for Fonterra’s annual … Continue reading

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Big win for Fonterra from latest DIRA amendments

New DIRA settings give Fonterra what it wanted but make life much more challenging for any new dairy processors. Fonterra will be feeling very pleased with the final outcomes from the much drawn-out 2018-2020 review of the Dairy Industry Restructuring … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and New Zealand’s agriculltural trade

Despite any attempts to diversify away from China, exports to China will be increasingly important in coming months as much of the world descends into increasing turmoil With COVID-19 now dominating all of our lives, it was easy to decide … Continue reading

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Fonterra resolves Chilean dispute with buy-out

Fonterra’s announcement that it is purchasing the minority shareholding interests in Chilean dairy company Prolesur solves an acrimonious relationship between Fonterra and the Fundación Isabel Aninat. This may prove to be an early step in the rationalisation and eventual divestment … Continue reading

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Chilean Dairy and Fonterra

I wrote this article in Santiago Airport, waiting for a rescheduled flight to New Zealand. It had been a long night with flights cancelled because of the tragic Santiago riots, and thousands of stranded passengers sleeping on chairs and on … Continue reading

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