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Seeking new markets in the West

Neither Europe nor the USA are going to do us any trading favours. It is all about self-interest In recent weeks I have been exploring and writing about some of the challenges in finding new markets that would allow New … Continue reading

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The ongoing search for new markets – India and beyond

Finding new markets for NZ exports is challenging. Here, Keith Woodford looks at the Southern Asian countries of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and further west to Iran In recent weeks I have been exploring opportunities for market diversification, given increasing … Continue reading


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Searching for markets within Asean

If New Zealand wants to diversify its trade away from China, then the ten ASEAN countries will be important markets. However, the commercial realities, particularly for value-add products, will be challenging. In recent years, New Zealand has become increasingly dependent … Continue reading

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North-East Asian markets as alternatives to China

In a recent article, I explained the ‘what, how and why’ of China becoming dominant as New Zealand’s key trading partner. Primarily, it was about the emergence in China of new consumers with increasing spending power and an increased desire … Continue reading

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Why and how did China markets become so important for New Zealand?

Keith Woodford explain how New Zealand exporters went to China because that was where the markets were. In many cases, it was the Chinese who came to us seeking our products It is just four weeks since I wrote how … Continue reading

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