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DIRA review nibbles at the status quo and avoids the big questions

The current review of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA) does not address the big decisions that face the New Zealand dairy industry. That may well be a wise decision by Government. Big decisions will indeed be necessary over the … Continue reading

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Fonterra’s strategic reset is up against headwinds.

Fonterra’s Q3 results for 2018/19 show that Fonterra is running into headwinds with its strategic reset. That is not to suggest the current policy is necessarily flawed. Rather, it reflects the pickle that Fonterra has got itself into in recent … Continue reading

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Zero Carbon Bill is just the start for agriculture’s greenhouse gas adaptation

The Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament this week answers some questions but raises many others.  There are big challenges ahead for everyone, but particularly for farmers and their leaders. As always, the devil will be in the details. These … Continue reading

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The big get bigger in American agriculture

Every five years the USDA undertakes a census of American agriculture. The latest survey has just come out in recent weeks. The big message is that the big are getting bigger. Aligned to this message is that family farms continue … Continue reading

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Where to for Chiwi agrifood

The current plan for Chinese Yili to buy Westland Co-operative Dairy has brought renewed discussion about the role of China within New Zealand agrifood industries. Of course, the Westland issue is just one part of a much greater issue about … Continue reading

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Westland Co-operative Dairy demise is self-inflicted

The approaching demise of Westland Co-operative Dairy (trading as Westland Milk Products) has come as a surprise to many people.  It should not have done so.  At the very least, either a partial sale or major joint venture has been … Continue reading

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Farming for cash and capital gain: the rules have changed

Regardless of whether or not a capital gains tax is introduced, the rules of farming have changed.  Cash is becoming a lot more important. I recall going to a conference in late 2000 or thereabouts, soon after my return to … Continue reading

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