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Fonterra stabilises finances with back to basics model, selling assets and retaining profits

Fonterra has stabilised its finances with more asset sales forthcoming. It now operates a conservative model supported by its farmer members. But the model will not create the ‘national champion’ that the Labour Government has always hoped for Fonterra’s annual … Continue reading

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Big win for Fonterra from latest DIRA amendments

New DIRA settings give Fonterra what it wanted but make life much more challenging for any new dairy processors. Fonterra will be feeling very pleased with the final outcomes from the much drawn-out 2018-2020 review of the Dairy Industry Restructuring … Continue reading

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Is regenerative agriculture the real deal

Regenerative agriculture is in vogue as a concept but what does it really mean? I often get asked my opinion about regenerative agriculture.  My standard rejoinder is to ask what does the questioner mean by ‘regenerative agriculture’? That typically gets … Continue reading

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Government’s food and fibre reset report lacks a core

The Government’s new food and fibre reset document is PR aspirational fluff. The hard work remains to be done On July 7 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern released the Government’s document “Fit for a Better World – Accelerating our Economic Potential”. … Continue reading

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A1 milk predisposes to asthma and lung inflammation

New findings published by Nature Research, demonstrating how A1 milk predisposes for asthma and lung inflammation, should bring the A1 milk issue back into focus for both consumers and farmers Until May 15 of this year, there had been a … Continue reading

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Searching for markets within Asean

If New Zealand wants to diversify its trade away from China, then the ten ASEAN countries will be important markets. However, the commercial realities, particularly for value-add products, will be challenging. In recent years, New Zealand has become increasingly dependent … Continue reading

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North-East Asian markets as alternatives to China

In a recent article, I explained the ‘what, how and why’ of China becoming dominant as New Zealand’s key trading partner. Primarily, it was about the emergence in China of new consumers with increasing spending power and an increased desire … Continue reading

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Is the Mycoplasma bovis eradication campaign on track?

New Zealand’s Mycoplasma bovis eradication campaign has now been running for almost three years, with no decline in the number of farms newly detected as being infected. Can the disease be stamped out? It is now more than five months … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and New Zealand’s agriculltural trade

Despite any attempts to diversify away from China, exports to China will be increasingly important in coming months as much of the world descends into increasing turmoil With COVID-19 now dominating all of our lives, it was easy to decide … Continue reading

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The COVID-19 black swans keep bearing down

It’s only fifteen days since I wrote about the coronavirus black swan. In that time, both nothing and everything has changed. In that time there has been no scientific breakthrough of a treatment or vaccine. Shockingly high transmission rates in … Continue reading

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