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Fonterra’s new capital structure gets closer

Fonterra’s new capital structure brings its own risks, designed for choppy seas but not for a storm The Government has been wrestling for many months as to how to respond to Fonterra’s proposed new capital structure, which its farmer-members voted … Continue reading

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Agriculture’s greenhouse gas proposals need a reset

  Refocusing agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions from CO2e to a genuine split-gas approach requires a reset of thinking, with big decisions ahead The coming weeks are crucial in sorting out the long-term charging framework, right through to 2050, for agriculture’s … Continue reading

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Crunch times ahead for agricultural methane and nitrous oxide

New Zealand must quickly come to grips with how agricultural-sourced methane and nitrous oxide are going to be managed within the ‘Zero Carbon Act’, more formally called the ‘Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019’.   This Act brings both … Continue reading

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Dairy is a key to New Zealand’s future

No-one has yet found an alternative to dairy for New Zealand’s export-led economy The New Zealand economy is export-led. That is the way it has to be for a small mountainous country in the South Pacific, largely bereft of mineral … Continue reading

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Fonterra moves on strategy and stucture

Fonterra pulls up the wagons to defend its territory, but is also hoping to sortie out with new nutritional endeavours Fonterra’s release of its 2020/21 annual report has occurred in association with an additional big dump of information laying out … Continue reading

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Fonterra’s restructure proposal risks the co-operative

Fonterra’s decision on 6 May to present an alternative capital structure has opened a can of worms.  The shares have dropped around 15 percent and investor units are down 13 percent. There are no immediate cash implications, but Fonterra’s capital … Continue reading

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A2 moves from a brand to a category

Many more A2 milk and A2 infant formula brands are now emerging across the globe but market leader The a2 milk Company is struggling A notable change has been occurring recently with A2 milk products now available from multiple manufacturers. … Continue reading

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Dairy markets have hit a sweet spot but big challenges remain

 Global dairy markets continue to grow despite negative sentiment in some quarters. The Climate Change Commission expects less cows to be balanced by more milk per cow. Man-made ‘udder factories’ are yet to emerge. The combined effect of the three … Continue reading

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Farewell to Sir Bob Elliott

When I wrote the book ‘Devil in the Milk’ back in 2007, I introduced Bob Elliott in the first paragraph. Bob was the Auckland paediatrician who first identified A1 beta-casein from milk as a big risk factor for Type 1 … Continue reading

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It’s time for Fonterra to define the new path ahead

Fonterra has spent nearly three years stabilising its finances. The focus now has to be on finding the path ahead It is now approaching three years since Theo Spierings’ departure from Fonterra was announced. The focus ever since has been … Continue reading

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