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A2 plus Fonterra is a seismic shift

The joint venture agreement between Fonterra and The a2 Milk Company (A2M) to work together producing dairy products free of A1 beta-casein is a seismic shift for both the New Zealand and global dairy industries. Fonterra has consistently expressed strong … Continue reading

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New Zealand Earthquakes: locations, depths and tsunami

More detailed investigation of earthquake-related documents has now led me to write something further about earthquakes in New Zealand. (For earlier posts about the Christchurch earthquakes see in the earthquake category.) I have found four GNS maps ( which, when brought together, seem … Continue reading

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The Christchurch Earthquake: what we knew in 1996 but ignored

This amazing video, originally screened on TV3 in July 1996 as part of an earthquake documentary, shows how much of what has happened was predicted by engineers and scientists back then.

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The Christchurch Earthquake: tectonic plates and fault lines

In an attempt to understand the Christchurch earthquakes I have been forced to do a lot of reading. There is a lot of good material ‘out there’, but much of it assumes a prior knowledge of geology. Some of the … Continue reading

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Understanding the Christchurch earthquake: building damage

There are many puzzles as to why some of Christchurch’s  buildings have survived the 6.3  earthquake of February 2011, and others have not. However,  a combination of observations plus document-searching does provide some answers.  In terms of magnitude, this was … Continue reading

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Understanding the Christchurch Earthquake of 22 Feb 2011: magnitude, location and impact

Last September, those of us who live in Christchurch experienced a 7.1 earthquake. Since then, we have referred to that as ‘the big one’, confident that we would never again experience anything similar.   In that September quake, there were no lives … Continue reading

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Canterbury Earthquake: Lincoln University’s Heritage Buildings

Ivey Hall, although not given that name officially until 1954 in honour of the first Director, was Lincoln University’s original building. Construction of the central portion (below the Bell Tower, and where the clock is now sited), commenced in 1878 … Continue reading

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