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Land Use and Vegetation on the Christchurch Port Hills

The recent disastrous fires on the Christchurch Port Hills give cause for thought as to the best land use on these slopes. It seems that no-one foresaw a fire event of this magnitude. With different wind patterns it could have … Continue reading

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Fire and Devastation on the Christchurch Port Hills

Between 13 and 16 February 2017,  the Christchurch Port Hills suffered devastating fires unlike anything ever seen there before.  As I write this on 21 February, the mopping up operations continue. The fire is now apparently well under control, but … Continue reading

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All-grass farming at the Lincoln dairy farm

Dairy farmers fit broadly into two camps: those who believe dairy farming should be ‘all grass’, and those who favour a role for supplements.   I don’t fit neatly into either camp, because as in so many things, I think there … Continue reading

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The pros and cons of PKE

In recent weeks, PKE has been in the spotlight.  The key reason for this has been the decision by Landcorp to phase out its use on the Landcorp farms. This has brought back into focus Fonterra’s 2015 recommendation to farmers to … Continue reading

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America’s mega dairy farms

In a recent article, I wrote that there are four big questions for New Zealand to consider when assessing its future positioning as a dairy producing country. On the supply side, those big questions relate to competition from the EU … Continue reading

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Agri-food good news for 2015

Recently I was asked by rural insurer FMG to identify for their social media, in no more than 90 words total, three good news stories from 2015. At first I found that a little challenging as it has not been … Continue reading

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Too many eggs in the whole milk powder (WMP) basket

For some time there has been a view developing within New Zealand that we have too many eggs in the dairy basket. There is also a view that we are over-exposed to China. I do not share those perspectives, at … Continue reading

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