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Dairy debt an outcome of wayward policy and land-banking

In a recent article, I wrote that high debt levels within the dairy industry will constrain the industry transformation that needs to occur.  Subsequently, I have been exploring how the industry got itself such a debt-laden pickle. Here is what … Continue reading

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Does Russia belong in the West or the East?

The issue of whether Russia belongs in the West or the East might seem a strange topic for a New Zealand agri-food systems person like me to be discussing. However, political and food systems, and the associated international trade, are … Continue reading

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Mycoplasma communication team needs to play with a straight bat

MPI is currently reporting a positive story about Mycoplasma bovis eradication. There is indeed good news to report. But in cricket terminology, the communication team needs to play with a straight bat. I found myself to be a topic in … Continue reading

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The sun must never set on New Zealand’s agriculture

These are increasingly troubled times for New Zealand agriculture.  A significant proportion of the population has turned against farmers for environmental reasons relating to nutrient leaching and water quality. There is also a loud political narrative about methane from ruminant … Continue reading

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A2 becomes a global dairy disruptor

A2 dairy products are now mainstreaming on a global platform.  In marketing parlance, A2 is becoming an industry disruptor. A2 dairy products are characterised by being free of A1 beta-casein.  Instead, all of the beta-casein is of the A2 type.  … Continue reading

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Fonterra’s China Farms are a target for asset sales

This is the first of a two-part series putting Fonterra’s China Farms under scrutiny. In this first part, the focus is on the origins of how Fonterra managed to entrap itself in its loss-making China Farms project. Fonterra’s new leadership … Continue reading

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MPI needs new thinking and more transparency

[This article is published at and is forthcoming at Farmers Weekly] The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) is desperately in need of both new thinking and more transparency. It has a culture and internal power relationships which align with … Continue reading

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