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From November 2013 through to late March 2015  I wrote a weekly column for the Business Section within the New Zealand  Sunday Star Times (SST). The articles are posted here are as submitted to the SST. As such, they can vary somewhat from the final printed version in the SST. Most of the titles in the printed newspaper are as supplied by me, but occasionally the editor does change the title. That is an editor’s right. Also, on occasions the sub editors change a word here or there which does sometimes change the meaning. The typesetters also have a habit of fiddling with the paragraphing.   Sometimes short paragraphs get joined together; at other times a long paragraph gets split. These are things which commentators have to live with!

Given the newspaper requirements, the SST articles are all less than 1000 words. This restricts the depth, but it also creates some discipline to be concise.

Given the constraints and commitment associated with a weekly column, I decided in March 2015 that it was time to move on. I will still be writing similar agri-food articles but not necessarily on a weekly schedule. These will also be published at


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  1. Bill Vincent says:

    Re Reworking our dairy systems

    There is a potential beneficial side development to this system which I think is worthwhile mentioning. Many years ago I visited farms in Denmark looking at energy efficiency. The effluent from these vast cow sheds was pumped to a tank and then heated. The resultant methane given off was stored and used to run a generator (based then on a 1500cc Fiat engine). This power ran all the needs of the farm and also fed back into the grid when demand from the farm dropped.

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