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House-price inflation and interest rates are bound at the hip

Reducing house-price inflation depends on identifying the drivers. Right now, that means interest rate policy and quantitative easing must change. Everything else is band-aid as the fireball grows House-price inflation is New Zealand’s hot-fire issue. Look back a year and … Continue reading

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Green-lipped mussels are becoming heavy lifters

Hatchery technologies and open-sea farms provide the platform for new endeavours with green-lipped mussels A little over five years ago, I asked the question as to whether green-lipped mussels could be the next heavy lifter for the New Zealand export … Continue reading

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A resource-based perspective on immigration

Any debate on immigration has to consider the fixed natural resources that have to be spread across increasing numbers of citizens A recent article by Professor Spoonley at  has laid out the demographic aspects of immigration. Spoonley illustrates how … Continue reading

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Rugby’s role in a greater South Pacific strategic reset

In a COVID-affected world we need to think outside the square. Here is one idea as to how New Zealand can both help itself and its South Pacific neighbours, linking sport, tourism and the economy. This article is about rugby, … Continue reading

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