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Is regenerative agriculture the real deal

Regenerative agriculture is in vogue as a concept but what does it really mean? I often get asked my opinion about regenerative agriculture.  My standard rejoinder is to ask what does the questioner mean by ‘regenerative agriculture’? That typically gets … Continue reading

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Short and long-lived greenhouse gases need separate regulatory baskets

A key issue for New Zealand is how to meet the Paris commitments for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Fundamental to any analysis is the different attributes of long-lived and short-lived gases.  In particular, how should methane be accounted for, and … Continue reading

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In search of a rational debate about water

[This article was originally published by Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative in the Autumn 2018 issue of Ground Effect. ]  In recent years, the debates about water rights and water pollution in New Zealand have become increasingly torrid. Most New Zealanders have … Continue reading

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The High Country is a battle ground

There is an ongoing battle between conservationists and farmers over the future of high-country farming. Groups with recreation interests are also involved in the fight. For much of the last 20 years, the rules of the battle have largely been … Continue reading

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How do we get a rational debate about water?

Recently I dipped my toes gently into the debate about how to use water fairly for all New Zealanders.  I did so knowing that to say anything about water is like stirring up a nest of angry wasps. Both environmental … Continue reading

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Developing wealth from water

Current controversies about exporting water, be that in bottles or in bulk tankers, draw attention to New Zealand’s key resource.  Yes, that resource is indeed water. In a world that is chronically short of water, we in New Zealand are … Continue reading

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