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Pastoral Lands Bill hits rocky ground

The Crown Pastoral Land Reform (CPLR) Bill has struck rocky ground as it now works its way through the Environment Select Committee stage. The Bill is opposed vigorously by most and perhaps all of the remaining 171 pastoral leaseholders in … Continue reading

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Regenerative agriculture is not redundant but can be misguided

Arguments about regenerative agriculture illustrate the challenges of creating informed debate. More generally, democracies depend on voters understanding complex issues The overarching title to this article, that regenerative agriculture is not redundant but can be misguided, contrasts with a recent … Continue reading

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Agriculture will change but pastoral agriculture will survive and prosper

Agriculture will change but pastoral agriculture will survive and prosper.  It is all about international competitive advantage, new technologies and managing the environment. It can be done but it won’t be easy. One of the regular questions I am asked … Continue reading

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Green-lipped mussels are becoming heavy lifters

Hatchery technologies and open-sea farms provide the platform for new endeavours with green-lipped mussels A little over five years ago, I asked the question as to whether green-lipped mussels could be the next heavy lifter for the New Zealand export … Continue reading

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Green vegetables grow at the feet of big mountains

Green vegetables and hydroponics combine nicely when consumers are close but productive land is scarce Green vegetables are best produced close to where people live.  But nature often needs a little help to make it happen.  That is where glasshouses … Continue reading

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Is regenerative agriculture the real deal

Regenerative agriculture is in vogue as a concept but what does it really mean? I often get asked my opinion about regenerative agriculture.  My standard rejoinder is to ask what does the questioner mean by ‘regenerative agriculture’? That typically gets … Continue reading

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Artificial-food debate needs science, not science fiction

In recent months I have received many emails asking if I have seen the RethinkX report  demonstrating how in ten years’ time animal proteins will have been largely replaced by artificial foods. By 2030, demand for cattle products will supposedly … Continue reading

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Carbon farming has hidden consequences

New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill is based on the assumption that carbon farming through forestry provides a climate-change solution, at least until the arrival of new technologies that allow New Zealand to move away from fossil fuels. In contrast, Environment … Continue reading

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Finding the path for dairy

I have always been optimistic about the long-term future of dairy. I think it is likely that dairy will remain one of the pillars that underpins the New Zealand economy. But we sure do have some challenges! The first challenge … Continue reading

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Wilding pines march across the Wakatipu landscape

The Wakatipu Basin, with Queenstown as its main town and Arrowtown a secondary town, is a key location for the war between wilding pines and humans. On the human side, the war is led by the Department of Conservation (DOC), … Continue reading

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