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Carbon neutrality requires permanent forests not production forests

In recent months I have been writing about land-use transformation that will be driven increasingly by carbon trading. If New Zealand is to approach net-zero carbon, then it can only be achieved by a combination of modified lifestyles plus new … Continue reading

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Government is losing the forestry debate with rural New Zealand

The response of Government Ministers to rural concerns about forestry policy is polarising the debate. Describing rural perspectives as ‘fiction’, and upset rural protesters as ‘rednecks’, is counter-productive. The combination of the Zero Carbon Act and forthcoming Emission Trading Scheme … Continue reading

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Conversion of farms to forestry is now ramping up

Earlier this year I wrote two articles, archived here and here, about the likely impact and consequences of policies that encourage conversion of pastoral land to forestry. I was particularly concerned about the actions and power of foreign investors, and … Continue reading

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Agricultural GDP leaves out more than it includes

Agricultural GDP catches well under one quarter of the agribusiness system. As such it fails to capture the importance of agribusiness to the economy. One of the problems facing New Zealand’s agriculture is a widespread urban perspective that agriculture is … Continue reading

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Forestry decisions need to be made now

New Zealand’s forestry policy is in a mess. We have drifted into a situation where the big decisions are made outside of New Zealand. Governmental forestry policy is like steering a dog by the tail. And this particular dog has … Continue reading

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Zero Carbon Bill is just the start for agriculture’s greenhouse gas adaptation

The Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament this week answers some questions but raises many others.  There are big challenges ahead for everyone, but particularly for farmers and their leaders. As always, the devil will be in the details. These … Continue reading

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Where to for Chiwi agrifood

The current plan for Chinese Yili to buy Westland Co-operative Dairy has brought renewed discussion about the role of China within New Zealand agrifood industries. Of course, the Westland issue is just one part of a much greater issue about … Continue reading

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China is the key market for New Zealand sheepmeats

[This post first appeared online at Stuff and some of their hardcopy newspapers on 4 September 2018, but alas with the first paragraph edited out and with the title “China demand for New Zealand sheepmeat booming”.  In the process,  key … Continue reading

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Methane narrative changes with less need for drastic reduction

[This article was published today (10 Sept 2018) at and is forthcoming in Farmers Weekly] The recent note on methane emissions  put out by Parliamentary Commissioner Simon Upton in late August, and underpinned by a contracted research report written by … Continue reading

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Exchange rate reset will breathe new life to agriculture

[This post was published online at Stuff and also in most Fairfax Media New Zealand newspapers on 21 August 2018 as part of my fortnightly Stuff column] The recent decline in the value of the New Zealand dollar is about … Continue reading

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