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Why methane is different

This is the second of a series of articles discussing some of the difficult issues that have to be understood and resolved in relation to New Zealand’s proposed Zero Carbon Bill. The first article is here  For many years, we … Continue reading

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Methane narrative changes with less need for drastic reduction

[This article was published today (10 Sept 2018) at and is forthcoming in Farmers Weekly] The recent note on methane emissions  put out by Parliamentary Commissioner Simon Upton in late August, and underpinned by a contracted research report written by … Continue reading

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The NZ system for GHG reporting will be crucial

Big decisions still lie ahead as to how New Zealand reports its GHGs to the United Nations. Keeping short and long-life gases separate in the reporting headlines is vital. A key forthcoming decision for New Zealand is how it will … Continue reading

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Dairy markets have hit a sweet spot but big challenges remain

 Global dairy markets continue to grow despite negative sentiment in some quarters. The Climate Change Commission expects less cows to be balanced by more milk per cow. Man-made ‘udder factories’ are yet to emerge. The combined effect of the three … Continue reading

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Composting mootels can transform dairy, but only if we get things right

Some readers will know that I have been writing about composting mootels for the last three years. I have been suggesting that these mootels can transform New Zealand dairy.   I remain of that perspective, but only if we get things … Continue reading

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Government is losing the forestry debate with rural New Zealand

The response of Government Ministers to rural concerns about forestry policy is polarising the debate. Describing rural perspectives as ‘fiction’, and upset rural protesters as ‘rednecks’, is counter-productive. The combination of the Zero Carbon Act and forthcoming Emission Trading Scheme … Continue reading

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Carbon farming has hidden consequences

New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill is based on the assumption that carbon farming through forestry provides a climate-change solution, at least until the arrival of new technologies that allow New Zealand to move away from fossil fuels. In contrast, Environment … Continue reading

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Zero Carbon Bill is just the start for agriculture’s greenhouse gas adaptation

The Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament this week answers some questions but raises many others.  There are big challenges ahead for everyone, but particularly for farmers and their leaders. As always, the devil will be in the details. These … Continue reading

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The sun must never set on New Zealand’s agriculture

These are increasingly troubled times for New Zealand agriculture.  A significant proportion of the population has turned against farmers for environmental reasons relating to nutrient leaching and water quality. There is also a loud political narrative about methane from ruminant … Continue reading

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A smorgasbord of agricultural issues

[For the last three years I have been writing fortnightly columns for NZFarmer, which is delivered free to all New Zealand farmers. However the agricultural press in New Zealand is undergoing major change. One part of that change is that … Continue reading

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