Nature at Work : Demise of the Lincoln Hotel

This post is mainly for those thousands of former Lincoln University students over many decades for whom the Lincoln Hotel was their regular watering hole. Alas, the hotel appears to have come to a sad end as a consequence of the Canterbury earthquake of 4 September 2010.

It seems that Lincoln township has been mainly spared, but the old pub, with its two story brick construction, has fared badly. From the road it doesn’t look too bad, but closer inspection shows some nasty cracks. Around the back it is a real mess and the word around town is that it will be demolished. See below for photos

At Lincoln University itself, one km up the road, as of 7 September the staff are still waiting to get access as engineering inspections are still ongoing. But everyone is hopeful that everything structural is repairable. Time will tell. The uni has already ordered 200 new computers to replace at least some of those that were smashed. Sadly, some staff have lost their homes.


About Keith Woodford

Keith Woodford is an independent consultant, based in New Zealand, who works internationally on agri-food systems and rural development projects. He holds honorary positions as Professor of Agri-Food Systems at Lincoln University, New Zealand, and as Senior Research Fellow at the Contemporary China Research Centre at Victoria University, Wellington.
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