Diabetes and A1 beta casein

Diabetes and A1 beta casein

Back in 2008 I was invited to present the closing plenary paper at the International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Conference. In preparing the paper I wanted to ensure everything I said had scientific rigour, but I also wanted it to be a paper that could be easily read by lay people.  The paper can be downloaded at:   www.lincoln.ac.nz/diabetes


About Keith Woodford

Keith Woodford is an independent consultant, based in New Zealand, who works internationally on agri-food systems and rural development projects. He holds honorary positions as Professor of Agri-Food Systems at Lincoln University, New Zealand, and as Senior Research Fellow at the Contemporary China Research Centre at Victoria University, Wellington.
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2 Responses to Diabetes and A1 beta casein

  1. jim morrison says:

    I am a dairy farmer from Ireland and am interested in A2 milk production
    however it is difficult to decide on the validity of the case What do you say in response to the article
    European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2006) 60, 924–925.

    • keithwoodford says:

      There are actually four related contributions in the EJCN. The first was the paper by Stewart Truswell (ECJN 2005; 59:623-31). The second and third were responses by me (ECJN 2006; 60(3):437-439) and by Allison and Clarke (ECJN 60(7): 921-924), then a right of reply by Truswell (ECJN 2006; 60(7):924-925). What readers of that correspondence would not be aware of was that Professor Truswell, who used his University of Sydney designation, was also a paid consultant to Fonterra in relation specifically to A1 and A2. If Professor Truswell had acknowledged his relationship with Fonterra then his inital paper would have received much greater scrutiny before publication. In my view, all commercial relationships must be disclosed if the scientific process is to have credibility. In my book. ‘Devil in the Milk’, I discuss in detail what I regard as blatant flaws and mis-representations in Truswell’s arguments. (‘The Devil’ can be purchased through Food and Behaviour Research in the UK (www.fabresearch.org), or alternatively online through Craig Potton Publishing, or Chelsea Green, or Amazon.)
      Yes, it is hard for people to know where the vailidty of the argument lies. The reason why I got involved was because I was annoyed with the way information was being massaged and purveyed by sections of the dairy industry, who have seen the A2 issue as an industry risk. There is a lot of information that originates from industry but appears to be independent. That information then gets passed on by other people who think it is reliable. Accordingly, although I think it is very clear where the science is heading, the industry politics still has a long way to run. There will be more twists and counter twists.
      There is some very exciting (or perhaps ‘distrubing’ would be a better descritpion) new research coming from Russia. I plan to do a post on that, but in the meantime you will find some mention of it in the Acres USA interview.
      As an Irish farmer I think you have more options than most other dairy farmers, as I think you have the option of obtaining A2 semen that comes originally from LIC in NZ.

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